14.11.2022 Hamburg scientists win North German Science Prize: The Centre for Multiscale Integrated Materials Systems (CIMMS), a materials science centre in which our institute is involved, receives the North German Science Award 2022. Here you can find the corresponding press release in German and here a short summary on Instagram.

09.11.2022 Our joined work with the research group of Philippe Coussot (Université Gustave Eiffel, Paris) on drying of mesoporous silica glass using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) was published in Physical Review Applied.

01.09.2022 Aqueous Electrolytes in Nanoporous Media: Structure, Dynamics and Electrochemo-Mechanical Actuation: See press release of the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) on a new collaborative DFG-NSF project between the group of Gennady Gor (NJIT), Michael Fröba (University of Hamburg) and us.



08.09.2022 Poster Prize for Zhuoqing Li: Congratulations to Zhuoqing Li for winning the poster prize with his presentation entitled "Structure and Textural Transitions of an Ionic Liquid Crystal in Nanoporous Solids" at the annual meeting of the Condensed Matter division of the Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG) in Regensburg, Germany.


12.04.2022 Feierliche Eröffnung des Centre for X-ray and Nano Science (CXNS) Gebäudes in der Science City Hamburg Bahrenfeld. Hier gibt es eine Aufzeichnung des offiziellen Teils mit den Forschungsministerinnen Stark-Watzinger, Prien und Fegebank. DESY-Pressemitteilung. Three research ministers open Centre for X-ray and Nano Science at DESY, see the DESY press release here.